The publishing world involves different areas of law from copyright to contracts to first amendment issues and rights of publicity and privacy. This practice includes publishing contract negotiations, authorship agreements, work for hire issues, licensing, and managing distribution channels for such works.

LMK Associates’ Experience in Publishing

LMK Associates works with authors, fine artists, photographers, software developers, playwrights, directors and producers, composers, illustrators and filmmakers to guide them through the publishing process, the production of a film or other commercialization of their works.

LMK Associates’ Services
  • Drafting and negotiating publishing deals
  • Commercialization of copyright—protected assets
  • Drafting and negotiating marketing and distribution agreements
  • Copyright licensing
  • Drafting work for hire/assignment agreements
Where to find more information

For more information about how LMK Associates can help guide you through the publishing process, please call us at (804) 359-2959 or email us at