Patent Prosecution
Patents are of considerable value in several ways.   Primarily, patents give the patent owner the right to prevent others from making, using or selling the invention claimed in the patent.  This allows the patent holder to control or limit the competition they face in the market place.  Second, they protect the patent owner from potential infringement claims and suits for money damages.  Patents serve to protect the patent holder against payment of royalties for using technology which was first developed by the patent holder and provide protection against multimillion dollar infringement claims and suits.  Third, obtaining patents may be a key component of a company’s technology transfer activities because patents allow full public disclosure while providing exclusivity in order to lay a foundation for business investment and development. Patents facilitate rapid commercialization of an invention through licensing agreements with other entities.
LMK Associates' Experience in Patent Law

LMK Associates has over 40 years of experience protecting, prosecuting, maintaining, and licensing patents and patent applications worldwide.  We have prosecuted US and international patent applications.  We have developed extensive relationships with international counsel to further assist in foreign patent prosecution.  We have drafted and negotiated patent licenses and assisted intellectual property owners with IP audits, asset purchase agreements, and asset management and transfer.

LMK Associates' Services
  • Prosecution of domestic and international patent applications, including reexamination and reissue applications
  • Patent maintenance
  • Acquisition and management of patent portfolios
  • Patent licensing
  • Asset transfer of patented or patentable inventions
  • Commercialization of patented inventions
  • Litigation consulting and management
Where to find more information

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