Entertainment Law

Entertainment law involves everything from representing artists, musicians, photographers, producers, directors, and actors to representing companies that provide movie financing and to representing electronic music library owners who sell products to entertainment and media songwriters and composers. Such work includes behind-the-scenes negotiating and drafting legal documents necessary to get a motion picture to the big screen, or to produce the music for a movie, or to produce, shoot and edit a documentary film.

LMK Associates’ Experience in Entertainment Law

LMK Associates is experienced in dealing with the entertainment industry and the intellectual property and general business issues that the industry entails. Examples of our experience include advising authors on work for hire issues, advising media photographers, drafting and negotiating film production agreements, drafting music licensing/shrink wrap agreements, drafting and negotiating movie financing agreements with film companies, and negotiating licensing deals.

LMK Associates' Services
  • Advising on work for hire
  • Licensing agreements and negotiations for a variety of entertainment industry assets
  • Copyright and trademark registration associated with films or merchandising associated with films
  • Counseling on advertising issues
  • Talent agreements
  • Film production agreements
  • Litigation consultation and management
  • Endorsement agreements
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Copyright clearance issues on films, commercials, documentaries, etc
Where to find more information

For more information about how LMK Associates can help you with your entertainment law needs, please call us at (804) 359-2959 or email us at info@lmkassociates.com.