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BlackBerry Patent Dispute Settled by Eastern District of Virginia: On March 3, Research in Motion (RIM) announced that it had settled its BlackBerry patent infringment dispute with NTP. Under the terms of the settlement, RIM has agreed to pay NTP $612.5 million in a “full and final settlement of all claims.” In a statement, RIM said that “all terms of the agreement have been finalized and the litigation against RIM has been dismissed by a court order this afternoon. The agreement eliminates the need for any further court proceedings or decisions relating to damages or injunctive relief.”

Supreme Court orders new hearing for eBay: On May 15, the Supreme Court held for eBay, Inc. in a closely watched patent dispute.  The holding will make it harder for those claiming infringement to win permanent injunctions against major patent holders and manufacturers.

Congress to amend federal dilution laws in H.R. 683: Proposed legislation in the House of Representatives modifies the standard of proos for a trademark diluation claim; clarifies the requirements of distinctiveness and fame; identifies the types of dilution that are actionable; and alters the "fair use" defense in dilution actions.


“Inspiration Corner” radio talk show features Interviews with Lisa Krizan: Lisa Krizan was recently featured in two interviews by Rebekah (only one “k” in Rebekah!) L. Pierce, editor of “Average Girl Magazine.”  Ms. Pierce interviewed Ms. Krizan on two areas of her expertise: copyright law and trademark law.

Lisa Krizan invited as featured guest lecturer at the Central Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers:  Lisa Krizan was invited to be the guest lecturer at a May 2006 meeting of the Central Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.  Ms. Krizan’s talk to the Society included a presentation on copyright infringement in photography and an analysis of photography contracts with media companies in a post Tasini world.